About us

DROGA is close to those who are offered a support, hope and reboot in life.

We implement many projects: for the poor, the homeless, at risk of social exclusion, the rejected, the addicted, children and adults. However, we do not give people only material goods, but we work to make them believe that they can cope with life themselves, taking fate into their own hands. We understand our work primarily as a way to show how to cope with the world and deal with problems that surround us. Instead of a fish, you have to teach a man to fish and give him a fishing rod. This is real help and that is what we spread around.

The mission of DROGA

Bring out the inner beauty of man, wake him up!


The specific tasks of DROGA Family Aid Association include:

  • organizing help, care and support for children and youth from poor, dysfunctional, large families and those at risk of social pathology,
  • organizing care and educational activities for children in a foster care,
  • initiating and developing forms of help for people in need and their families,
  • organizing family summer camps for families with problems,
  • organizing charity actions for poor children and their families,
  • work with children from upbringing and dysfunctional families from the city of Białystok carried out at the Child and Family Support Center "Nasz Dom",
  • community work with children from the street, youth from risk groups at the Intervention and Counseling Point,
  • help for young people from risk groups, experimenting and addicted to psychoactive substances, computer, Internet, gambling and their parents at the ETAP Prevention and Therapy Center for Youth and Adults

Our branches:

Within DROGA Association, there are several help centers for people who cannot find their own way.

Our house, a Child and Family Support Center - a place for parents and children. "Nasz Dom" includes family help in crises, multi-problematic, with limited parental authority due to failure to fulfill the care and educational functions. A systematic work with the family begins with the admission to the Center where the educational team, specialists and family assistants restore and improve the functionality of the family. There are 80 places for children aged 1-18 in the Center; about 76% of our families become independent within a year.  more >>

ETAP, Prevention Center and Therapy for Youth and Adults - its aim is to help rejected youth, emotionally disturbed, demoralized and affected by crime, addicted to psychoactive substances, alcohol, gambling, HIV carriers and juvenile offenders; parents are also involved in therapeutic work. Annually, about 10,000 young addicts take advantage of therapeutic help. ETAP is also the main training center in Podlaskie Voivodeship for people of first contact with addicts - policemen, educators, teachers, social workers and priests more >>

The Goods Center for people in need is a place where Białystok’s residents donate clothing, footwear, household items and furniture free of charge; the goods go to the poorest. A center is run by the parents of our pupils and people entering or returning to an employment market. About 9,000 people receive help within the Goods Center annually. more >>

Kindergarten Point "ANIOŁKOWO" , a free of charge place for 25 children aged 2-5. They are children of single parents seeking employment. Their stay is temporary, until the situation of the family is settled; the process of rehabilitation is supported through work of the Association's assistants and therapists. more >>

The DROGA Family Aid Association is established and operates with the SVD Congregation of the Divine Word Missionaries.

I thank God that there are people who joined the missions carried out by us, which are the service to the poorest. Thanks to the secular missionaries and the goodness of people, the Mission of the Divine Word Missionaries in Białystok called "Droga" Association continues to exist and develops.

Father Edward Konkol, SVD

Detailed information:

The "DROGA" Association has had the status of a Public Benefit Organization since March 2004 with the number KRS 0000087872. Most of the activities are possible only thanks to 1% donation.

Year of registration Association "DROGA" June 28, 1991.
Year of registration KRS 04.02.2002
KRS 0000087872
NIP 966-09-05-189
Account number 08 1240 5211 1111 0000 4926 2870

People in charge:

President: Krzysztof Paliński
Vice-president: Elżbieta Powichrowska

Type of organization:

  • org. non-governmenta
  • org. public benefit
  • org. public benefit entitled to receive 1% of the tax
  • org. working for the poorest, addicts and children