Our house



NASZ DOM (OUR HOUSE) has been run by the DROGA Family Assistance Association since 1993 and been a friendly and safe place for children, young people and their families from the city of Białystok.

It functions as a nursing and specialist day support facility, organizing free therapeutic, specialist, caring and educational support for 80 children aged 2.5-18 and their families: multi-problem, poor, alcohol-problematic, large, broken, incomplete, helpless, at risk of social exclusion, dysfunctional, experiencing adaptation, emotional, social and care-related difficulties.
The scope of support depends on the individual needs of the family and may include all or selected elements from the offer:

For children:

  • helping educators in learning - individual and group educational and remedial classes
  • psychological, pedagogical, speech therapy, sensory integration therapy,
  • hand therapy and fine motor disorders
  • group classes: Aggression Replacement Training, Pro-Social Skills Training, Sociotherapy, Fairy Tale Therapy, Art therapy, Developmental Movement classes according to W. Sherborn
  • preventive and pro-health classes
  • mediation as a science of constructive problem solving
  • development of interests, e.g. handicraft, dance, theater, guitar, sports activities culinary workshops with an educational value
  • diagnosis of disorders from the FAS / FASD spectrum,
  • nutrition, medical care (nurse)
  • organization of holidays and vacations: family and therapeutic trips, recreational and cultural outings and organization of free time

For parents / guardians:

  • support for educational skills as part of the Family Academy
  • individual and group educational and therapeutic activities
  • thematic meetings with parents
  • support groups
  • social meetings
  • family events
  • food and social assistance
  • replenishment of clothing, art. personal, hygienic, school, furniture
  • psychological and health care,
  • emergency support in crisis situations

The main goals of functioning OWDIR NASZ DOM (OUR HOUSE) are:

  1. providing comprehensive support in the form of care, education and raising social competences in the form of care or specialist in response to the diagnosed needs and deficits of at least 80 children and adolescents from families with low economic and social status, who were diagnosed with care and educational helplessness, at risk of social marginalization , eligible for support under the social welfare system, multi-problem, dysfunctional, broken, using the services of a family assistant from the City of Bialystok
  2. family guardian from the ODBUDOWAC RODZINE program strengthening families experiencing difficulties in fulfilling care and educational functions, multi-problematic and having difficulties in terms of constructive attitudes and social skills.

Detailed objectives of the work in the Center:

  1. providing the necessary assistance to children and the family; providing charges with the necessary assistance in the field of care, upbringing, education and therapy, and social assistance;
  2. enabling the pupils to develop fully;
  3. supporting the family environment in acquiring skills facilitating functioning in a family, peer group, giving the possibility of self determination and taking care of satisfying one's own needs, including,
    • recognizing difficulties in interpersonal relations;
    • individual / group work on building communication and bonding;
    • acquiring the ability to control behavior; building a positive self-image;
    • developing interests and talents;
    • help in solving emotional and family problems;
  4. provision of food, clothing and other personal items;
  5. nursing care;
  6. supplementing and compensating for gaps in school education; developing a sense of responsibility and discipline; shaping the right attitude to study and work;
  7. implementation of honest life, adherence to the principles of social coexistence;
  8. organizing free time, developing cultural and social competences;
  9. providing parents with therapy and assistance necessary for the proper functioning of the family; involving parents in building relationships and bonds; maintaining or rebuilding positive emotional ties in the family (parent-parent, parents-children); independence of charges - involvement in alternative educational environments, cooperation to build and develop a local support system for children and families
  10. cooperation with other institutions supporting the family, including educational institutions, medical entities, court, MOPR Białystok.