Kindergarten Aniolkowo


The Aniołkowo Kindergarten Point is co-financed by the City of Białystok.

The Aniołkowo Free Kindergarten Point provides support and care for children aged 2.5 - 5 years of age. We created it to help families in a difficult social situation.

At the Kindergarten Point, classes are held in accordance with WSiP, English language classes and Development Movement classes are using the method of W. Sherborne (early support therapy, art therapy) led by a psychologist, chaplain and speech therapist.

Children to ANIOLKOWO are recruited throughout the year, and the period of stay at the Kindergarten Point is temporary, depending on the plan of work with the family and the functioning of the parent / guardian.

All parents are involved in making up for (8h) the stay of the child / children in Aniołkowo.

The staff of the Kindergarten Point are specialists and 3 volunteers who apart from everyday caring for children, supports families in difficult social or problematic situations. Systematic work with parents / guardians is undertaken from the moment the child adopts to a new environment. Families in ANIOLKOWO may receive their family assistant. The assistant's help is supposed to make the family independent and teach the caretakers to be responsible in their functioning.
The director and the Board of the Association supervise the competent work of the staff and volunteers.

Currently, there are 30 happy kids in ANIOLKOWO. The number of children in groups is up to 15 (younger ones) and 15 (older). There are 3 rooms with toys, a dining room, a fireplace room, a recreation room and a garden with a playground for children.

The classes, equipment and running the free Aniołkowo Pre-School Center would not have taken place without the help of good people.

The GlaxoSmithKline company allocates a grant for equipment and salaries annually. In 2016, we received a beautiful swing 🙂