Rebuild family


The DROGA Association has been working since 1997 to support children and families that found themselves in crisis. The result of the breakdown of such families is most often the limitation of parental rights and the placement of children in orphanages. The aim of the program was initiated by the founder and long-time president, Father Edward Konkol. The aim is to restore these children and parents to their family home. Only in the last six years, thanks to the program, 69 children have returned to the family home and 149 children have been saved from leaving the house.

The content of the program is comprehensive psychological, therapeutic, educational and material support under the guidance of professionally trained family caregivers - educators, psychologists, therapists and family trainers. Through group and individual classes, psycho-educational programs and family support groups, they implement individual work plans so the effect of which is gaining knowledge and skills, strengthening parental competences and overworked personal problems of family members.

The ODBUDOWAĆ RODZINĘ (TO RECOVER THE FAMILY PROGRAM) program will be directed in 2022 to minimum 40 families from the City of Białystok.

The addressees of the task will be:

  • families where children, due to limited skills and parental rights, are at risk of being placed in foster care,
  • families of children already in foster care, families experiencing difficulties in fulfilling care and educational functions,
  • other relatives of children in foster care. Each family will be assigned a guardian who will accompany it on its way to rebuild the family.

The following will be involved in the implementation of the program: 5 family carers, 4 family trainers, 4 job coaches, 1 program coordinator and 2 people handling the program administratively.